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Terry "T.K" Kirkham

Head of Football

Originally from Melbourne and a playing career cut short due to knee injuries, Terry didn't need convincing to head Into the coaching sides of the game where he could give back and still be involved in the game we all love.

Taking clubs from relegation to finals football in following years isn't something that TK isn't use to. Coaching numerous big clubs down in Melbourne and also here in Queensland, Terry has been known to take on coaching roles that aren't a case of showing up , having massive names to work with and winning everything immediately, infact it's been quite the opposite.

One of only 2 NPL coaches along with Aaron Philp that have had the pleasure of beating an Aleague Opposition and a current A Licence holder ,TK started his coaching career in 1993 in the cutthroat Victorian league systems and has since won multiple major senior trophies as well as a list of reserve and youth division titles as he progressed through the ranks both in Victoria and here in Queensland.

Many clubs that TK has worked with have been on the brink of relegation, collapsing, losing sponsors and so on. A task that not many coaches these days have had to endure to become the professional coach that they are today.

Working with a number of big multicultural clubs in Victoria in the 90s, coaches can't just turn up and apply there own trade and culture, you have to embrace the clubs already existent culture and build it, create a winning culture , bring the fans back and the sponsors and again build it and that's what TK did with multiple clubs including Preston lions, Fitzroy City, Hume City, and the same here in South East Queensland with the likes of,Peninsula Power,Moreton Bay, Western Pride, Olympic FC, Samford Rangers and obviously now with us here at Caboolture Sports FC.